We love making great bread that brings you joy!

Our mission is to bake locally grown organic grain into delicious artisan bread.
Our pastries are crafted from whole grains, too.
We source as much as we can locally.
We want to help you live a healthy and sustainable life with excellent bread! 


Order Online For This Week

Ordering ahead guarantees that you get your bread — you won’t have to worry if the shelves at the Co-op are empty or if we’ve sold out before you can get to Farmers’ Market.  Choose the bread you want this week and order online! 

Subscription Orders

The heart of our Community Supported Bakery (CSB) is your subscription orders.

Order once every two months:
You choose your bread and we deliver it as requested.

You can place your May-June 2022 order by clicking the button below.

SECOND Street & B Avenue

at the south end of downtown Corvallis is the site of our upcoming brick and mortar bakery! The Polin deck oven was installed the week of June 6 and we tested it on the 10th. Stay tuned here as things move forward.
We expect our shop will open in the late summer.

Farmers Market smiles

Corvallis Farmers’ Market in downtown Corvallis is in full swing!

9 am-1 pm
on Saturdays,
April 16 – November 19
and Wednesdays,
April 20 – November 23

You can find Wild Yeast breads and treats most every week. Stop by to say hello and pick up some delicious organic, local bread and a few pastries to delight your pallette.


You can make your own sourdough bread. Our basic class gives you the tools to be a successful home baker. Our next class will be September 10. Get more information and register here.


Classes will return when the COVID threat is a bit lower.

The Grain

Wild Yeast Bakery’s sourdough breads bring you the true flavors of the grain — the Willamette Valley terroir of several wheat varieties, rye, spelt, barley, corn, and triticale.


The golden glow of our baked goods is from Edison™ wheat, a hard white wheat developed in Washington to grow well in the Skagit and Willamette Valleys.  Because most of the white bran is retained in the milled flour, it has a lovely gold color.

Sunny bread stack


The familiar brown color of whole wheat bread comes from the bran of red wheat. Our Whole Wheat Sourdough is simply 100% Oregon grown and milled whole red wheat.

Whole Wheat Ear


White refined flour is produced when the bran (containing minerals) and the germ (containing oils and vitamins) are removed by milling. Even our “whitest” loaf has 15% whole wheat for flavor and nutrition. 

Pain deCampagne Dough


We blend flours to create a variety of unique and satisfying flavors. Different base doughs are selected to complement the nuts, fruit, and other inclusions. Loaves range from 15% to 100% whole grain.

Our use of whole local, organic grains is unusual in the world of bread. We do it because it is good for your health, the health of the earth, and a healthy local economy.

“You make a wonderful, delicious product, chock-full of goodness. Thank you.”  – Jaci Guereña